Disc Hoop
  • Disc Hoop

    These handmade earrings are a statement of individuality, nostalgia and compassion. Shimmering laminations of recycled CD material (RE-CD) offer a smooth, playful surface with an intriguing visual depth. Each set of earrings are ingrained with a colour pattern unique to every individual product, echoing the character of the music contained within.


    • Deliveries

      This is a hand crafted product that will be made to order, we are a small independant team & we expect to deliver this product in 2 - 4 weeks from purchase.

      We will work with you aiming to ensure the most efficent and sustainable delivery methods. We are very happy to hand deliver orders that are local to us to minimise packaging requirements.

      For any order enquiries, please email us at: info@reviveinnovations.design

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