Soap Stand

Each soap stand is hand crafted from 100% Recycled CDs. They are perfect for any sink & provide an interesting & unique spark of colour.


These two styles feature elegant opposing channels, to keep your soap dry and expel excess water.


Each item has its own completely unique aesthetic that is determined by the music and artwork contained within. 

These products are part of a circular economy, each item can be returned and recycled at its end of life. Each soap stand is one single part, no fixings or glues are used in production. 

Switching from liquid soaps in plastic bottle to using bar soaps is an essential move for any environmentalist! Studies have shown that liquid soap has a carbon footprint that is 10x larger than soap bars. now you can house your soap on a recyclable pedestal of 100% recycled waste!

River Style Soap Stand

River Style Soap Stand

Valley Style Soap Stand

Valley Style Soap Stand


Circular design

100% recycled optical discs

Hand crafted

Allows for flexible manufacture

Locally Produced

Made entirely in our

Bristol workshop

Eco packaging

Recycled & recyclable cardboard packaging

Independent fabricators

Used in our

production process

Unique finish

Distinct pattern containing no additives or colouring

Delivery and Shipping

This is a hand crafted product that will be made to order, we are a small independant team & we expect to deliver this product in 2 - 4 weeks from purchase.

We will work with you aiming to ensure the most efficent and sustainable delivery methods. We are very happy to hand deliver orders that are local to us to minimise packaging requirements.

For any order enquiries, please email us at:

Bristol, UK

©2020 by Revive Innovations Ltd.

Photography by

Pom Baragwanath, OH Creative Agency, Ben Mills and ourselves.

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