Studio Bar Stool

by Shape Studio

These slender and stylish bar stools were designed by Bristol's Shape Studio! They have been capped with a RE-CD top that adds a unique spark of colour and character.

The frame is hand welded using 12mm solid mild steel to create a weighted & stable base.

This stools beautifully simple form makes it a hugely versatile design, ideal for a wide range of spaces from a breakfast bar to a jazz café.

Plain Side Profile.JPG
Close Up - Top.JPG

Each RE-CD top contains around 90 CDs that have been diverted away from landfill & entered into a local circular economy. The tops have their own completely bespoke aesthetic that is determined by the  music and artwork that is contained within. 

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Circular design

100% recycled optical discs


Hand crafted

Allows for flexible manufacture


Locally Produced

Made entirely in our

Bristol workshop


Eco packaging

Recycled & recyclable cardboard packaging


Independent fabricators

Used in our

production process


Unique finish

Distinct pattern containing no additives or colouring

Delivery and Shipping

This is a handcrafted product that will be made to order, we are a small independent team & we expect to deliver this product within 2 - 4 weeks from purchase.

We will work with you aiming to ensure the most efficient and sustainable delivery methods. We are very happy to hand-deliver orders that are local to us to minimise packaging requirements.

For any order enquiries, please email us at: