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Bristol Recycling Network: Connecting Sustainable Minds

We have created a collective space for Bristol's recyclers and sustainable minds, aiming to help our community by recycling, up-cycling and reusing materials within a localised circular economy. Much of our society's useful waste is incorrectly disposed of, ending up in landfill and we are on a mission to change this. Search Bristol Recycling Network on Facebook to join our network.

With many companies introducing sustainability targets in the coming years, we are providing a support network that allows individuals and organisations to trade amongst the circular economy network. By locating recyclers for your waste streams, you are directly impacting how people view recycled products, helping us all meet our target of being net carbon neutral.



If you have potentially useful material waste items or waste streams. i.e. wood/plastic off-cuts, chopsticks or anything that you are planning on discarding that could potentially be safely repurposed, please post in our Bristol Recycling Network group describing your materials and use the tag #BRNMaterials so that your post can be easily found and identified. If you are looking to source materials and have useful, sustainable outcomes for these materials, please write a post that is tagged listing the materials that you are looking to use. Tag your post with #BRNRecyclers so that anyone searching for a solution for a particular material can use the search tool within the group to find your post. This creates a registry of local #BRNRecyclers & #BRNMaterials that will allow people to connect and work together to reduce our cities 'waste' #MakeWasteUseful.


Our recycling system in Bristol is great! However, by keeping recyclable materials within our local economy, we can guarantee that waste materials collect minimal air miles and can be re-used by a sustainable person or organisation within our local community. Some materials such as CDs are not recycled by the council and have the instruction to dispose of them in general waste, by setting up this network we are discovering new and innovative methods to repurpose and rehome materials like these.


This is a group created by us to discover and connect sustainably-minded people within the local community. Using our business as an example of how this can work, in the last year, we have repurposed over 50,000 CDs, DVDs, games and software discs into new recycled products that would have usually ended up as harmful waste.

Search Bristol Recycling Network on Facebook to get involved!


Get in Touch

If you have a large unwanted collection of CDs, we would love to purposefully recycle them into our bespoke products. You can either donate your CDs directly into our circular economy or we can discuss the option of creating your own design made entirely out of your own CD collection, cementing the nostalgia within your home.


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