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Product Warranty

All Revive Innovations Ltd products are covered by a limited return to base manufacturer warranty, based on the age of the product and subject to normal use. Return to base warranty means that if a customer wishes to avail of their warranty, it is their responsibility to return the product safely to us.

1.What is covered?

We warrant that our products are free from any defects in materials or workmanship. We cover any defects or malfunctions in the products if the products are rendered unfit for purpose as a result of a manufacturing flaw or defect within a 12 month timeframe from delivery.

2.What is not covered?

2.1 This warranty does not cover problems due to improper use of our products, improper assembly, unauthorised modifications, normal wear and tear, accidental damage, operation outside the normal environment denoted for the products and any and all issues caused by external forces and actions not related to the manufacture of the product. Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty.

2.2 Imperfections in unseen areas. Due to the nature of manufacturing goods, it is sometimes necessary to leave small areas uncoated or to use some very minor fixtures or jigging during assembly. These can leave surface defects and can in certain occasions leave minor discoloration. The main reasons are hanging of powder coatings, gating on polymers, overspray on certain areas and press tool marks. Provided that these imperfections are small and in unseen areas of the furniture Revive Innovations Ltd retains the right for such small imperfections to exist in its products and does not accept them as evidence of the goods being faulty. In addition to this - the nature of producing recycled materials can leave material parts with surface defects or imperfections. Provided that these defects do not impact the function of the product, Revive Innovations Ltd retains the right for such imperfections to exist in its products and does not accept them as evidence of the goods being faulty. Revive Innovations Ltd reserves the right to be the arbiter of what does and does not constitute a visible defect or imperfection. Our decision is binding and final. 

2.4 Consequential (the cost of repairing or replacing other property damaged in the event of our product malfunctioning) and incidental (loss of time, loss of use) damages are not recoverable under this warranty.

2.5 Revive Innovations Ltd provides a Manufacturer’s Warranty and cannot be held liable in the event that the product originally sold is no longer in manufacture or has been superseded and thereby it is unable to provide the product guarantee due to non-availability of spare parts. In such a case an alternative solution will be proposed which does not leave the customer materially disadvantaged.

3.What duration of cover do I have?

Warranty relates only to the original owner and no other party for the full term of 12 months.

4.When does the warranty start?

The warranty commences from the date of delivery of the goods. If a claim is made against the warranty, it does not restart from the date of claim. The start date remains the initial delivery date. 

5.How to make a warranty claim

Should something go wrong with your Revive Innovations Ltd product within your warranty period firstly please contact us. Do not attempt to repair or tamper with the product as your actions may render your warranty claim invalid.

5.1 For all claims, please email us at advising your original order number and proof of purchase and attaching photos and video evidence of the issue.

5.2 If your warranty claim is valid, we will ask that the defective part is returned to us at your cost for a full diagnostic inspection. You must package the product safely, Revive Innovations Ltd is not liable for any damages incurred during delivery. You must photograph the product and package before it is collected by the courier as this will help us to resolve any possible discrepancies between what has been reported as returned and what has been actually returned. Failure to do so will negate your right to discuss the condition of returned goods to us. 

5.3 If upon inspection we are happy that there is a manufacturing fault, we will repair or replace the faulty component or replace with an equivalent solution to the one being replaced, return the product to you and refund your shipping costs. This is the more likely eventuality.

5.4 If upon inspection we discover evidence of misuse, accidental damage or tampering, your warranty claim will be rendered invalid. In this case we will notify you of the cost to repair or replace. If you do not wish to make use of this service, we will offer to repackage the product in its current state and return it to you at your cost.

5.5 For a known manufacturing fault where the product does not need to be returned, we may send a replacement part out directly by courier. This is at our discretion and will only happen in rare circumstances.

5.6 If, during the warranty of purchase, a product cannot be replaced or repaired for operational reasons, Revive Innovations Ltd retains the right to make a partial refund for the product in lieu of a replacement or repair. The period of use and depreciation of the product will be taken into account in such a case. This clause is unlikely to be invoked and is included to provide our clients with security in case of major trade disruptions, catastrophic interruption of manufacturing capacity or a similar eventuality.


Warranty decisions and rejected claims

Revive Innovations Ltd reserves the right to dismiss any and all claims that it believes not to be caused by a manufacturing fault with the equipment. The decision of Revive Innovations Ltd is binding.  


Problems outside the warranty?

We will always try to assist any client who has damaged their product through an accident. We do this on a case-by-case basis. We will be happy to supply spare parts at reasonable cost or should a product be from a discontinued line then offer a similar item at discount.


Faulty or mis-described?

You have 14 days to reject goods which do not conform to contract. Claims for faulty goods must be notified within a reasonable time, which we consider to be 3 days from delivery.

If you exercise your right to return the Products under this clause, because the Products are faulty, were not delivered as described or you otherwise have a legal right to return the Products as a result of something we have done wrong after dispatch of the Products, the Products must be returned to us. In this case, the return or collection will be at no cost to you.

You must take care when opening packaging that the Products were delivered in and carefully re-pack the Products in the original (or similar) packaging prior to returning the Products to us.

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