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CD Recycling Update: Our Recycling Stand At KWMC The Factory

We are excited to announce the relocation of our stand to KWMC The Factory, in Knowle. KWMC The Factory supports a diverse community of creative practitioners, businesses and local residents. Helping them to develop new skills, create and test new products and prototypes, and connect with others. You can come and check this all out at The Filwood Green Business Park, Bristol - see address at the bottom of this page.

If you have been lucky enough to checkout our stand in the past, then you'll know exactly what it's all about. Within the stand we have an interactive CD shredder made from sustainably sourced wood, demonstrating how we turn the world's unwanted CDs into our very own innovative and unique RE-CD material. Come and experience part of the process to our circular economy yourself, giving you the opportunity to be involved with making a difference.

We can announce that we have repurposed over 175,000 CDs/DVDs!!! This is us sending a massive thank you to all the continued support from numerous individuals and businesses across the country who have donated their waste CDs. We cannot express how grateful we are for this cooperation and what a difference little choices like this can be making to our environment. Each of these discs would have spent over 1 million years decomposing in landfill. We would encourage anyone with unwanted CDs/DVDs to bring them in to shred and donate toward our collection, ready for repurposing. Otherwise they can be delivered or posted to our workshop. Please be advised that we only collect the discs, DVD & jewel cases can be posted to our friends at Relic Plastic (address found on this page) and the paper sleeves can be recycled in your weekly paper collection.

The pollution of CDs has a detrimental impact on local and global environments. Furthermore, so does the continued manufacturing of products from virgin materials such as plastic. We aim to tackle both of these issues together with our business strategy by taking waste CDs and through our unique processing, they can be given a whole new lease of life. Our mission is to educate and tell a story of how we can begin influencing the future of recycling old optical discs. By creating beautifully unique, bespoke furniture and home accessories, we are reshaping the mindset of current and future generations by teaching the impact of CD pollution on the environment and how we can turn this waste into practical and versatile material. Reshaping world views on the term 'waste'.

To find out more about KWMC and The Factory checkout their website here.


KWMC The Factory

Unit 24/25

Filwood Green Business Park

Hengrove Way



Alternatively the discs can be dropped off or posted to our workshop at:

Revive Innovations Ltd Unit 15 Meriton Foundry Meriton Street Bristol BS2 0SZ

Thanks for reading,

- Revive Team ♻️

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