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  • Kieran Devlin

Exciting News: Join Us at Future Leap Bristol

We are excited to announce that from Monday the 12th of April we will be hosting our very own space within the Future Leap store located on Gloucester Road, Bristol.

Within this space, we have created an interactive CD shredding experience made from sustainably sourced wood, demonstrating how we turn the world's unwanted CDs into our very own innovative and unique RE-CD material. We would love you to bring any unwanted CDs and CD cases to shred and donate toward our collection ready for repurposing.

Join us in person to browse our full range of products and discover more about our visions for the future of reprocessing what would usually be a harmful waste. If you are unable to make it, please see below to view our infographic explaining how we process and repurpose unwanted CDs to craft bespoke furniture and home accessories.

Pollution of CDs has a detrimental impact on local and global environments, with each CD in landfill sites taking over a million years to decompose. Our mission is to educate and tell a story of how we can begin influencing the future of recycling old optical discs. By creating beautifully unique furniture and home accessories, we are reshaping the mindset of current and future generations by teaching the impact of CD pollution on the environment and how we can turn this waste into practical and versatile material.

Visit Future Leap to find out more about their Sustainable Business Hub:


Future Leap

1-3 Gloucester road,



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