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Press Release: musictomyears

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We are proud to introduce music to my ears (MTME), our new project taking a stand against the ever-increasing issue of fast fashion. It upholds our core values at Revive to produce quality, sustainable products with traceable and repurposed materials, MTME also strives to embrace responsibility for our environment.

Crafted with RE-CD, our 100% recomposite produced from 100% recycled discs, these handmade earrings embody individuality, nostalgia and compassion. The laminated RE-CD offers a smooth, shimmering surface and each set has their own unique colour pattern, reflective of the CDs artwork and music contained within.

The earrings come in varying styles with a choice of large hoops in either gold or silver or small hoops with a gold finish, and all are currently available on our Etsy shop or through a direct email to:

MTME products are hand produced by our Revive Team here in Bristol and each purchase comes in eco-conscious and ethically sourced packaging, including a natural jute pouch, protective wood wool and a recycled car pillow box.

Just one optical disc can take 1 million years to decompose but through these beautiful, decorative earrings, MTME creates an opportunity to repurpose these CDs and do some good for our planet!

Check out the products on Etsy:

Revive Team x

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