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Press Release: SLEEK-120 Bar Stools

Revive Innovations celebrates the launch of their brand new range of bespoke bar stools, SLEEK-120. Each bar stool contains 120 ‘waste’ discs, collected and saved from landfill by reprocessing them into RE-CD, their circular economy material.

Revive Innovations is a sustainable design start-up located in Bristol, UK. They create innovative materials and products by recycling waste in unique ways.


In the world of online streaming services, CDs have been rendered obsolete by technological advances. Just one single optical disc can take over a million years to decompose in landfills. Revive want to stop this harmful environmental destruction.

So far Revive Innovations have saved over 49,500 optical discs from landfills and want to continue doing their bit for our planet. RE-CD is a circular design concept, so each product should be returned to revive at the end of it’s life for reintegration into the RE-CD material.



A modern take on the classic bar stool made from RE-CD. RE-CD is made from 100% recycled CDs. It is a durable. hard-wearing and easily manufacturable material that includes no resins. epoxies or binders. This product proves that recycled materials can be as beautiful and functional virgin materials within luxury products.


Each stool is completely bespoke with its own unique pattern that encapsulates the music. artwork and nostalgia/memories within. Build your stools by selecting your favourite colourings. then choose from our 4 different leg styles to suit your bar.


Revives· story began with company founder Kieran Devlin experimenting for a product design project at UWE university. As a sustainable minded product designer Kieran was keen to create a product that would have a positive impact on the environment and reduce postconsumer waste. He landed on CDs after analysing social change and questioning what is currently becoming an everyday waste.

Please visit for more information or to build your own stools!

Press Contact:

Kieran Devlin

(+44) 07490370729


Blue Patch Sustainable Business awards 2020 (won - The Peoples Prize) (runners up - The Circular economy

Innovate UK and the Prince’s Trust Young Innovators Award 2020

Content Pack

If you would like more photos, formatted PR, video clips and shareable content of SLEEK-120, please follow this link.

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