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Revive // No Small Thing // Sparks Bristol - CD Recycling & Pop-up Store at Sparks Bristol!

We are now celebrating our first 10 weeks of teaming up with No Small Thing to bring our CD recycling station & pop-up product store to central Bristol!

A CD recycling display station and Revive Innovations store at Sparks Bristol as a party of the No Small Thing Department

Sparks Bristol is a department store with a difference, from fashion and food to nature and energy, each department is designed to support people in Bristol to take action on climate, equality and wellbeing. Our stand has recieved such an amazing reception over the first few weeks and we are stoked to see the space evolving & growing over time!

Our display features a storyline of our recycling process, some facts and figures to quantify the numbers, a hand-cranked CD shredder, to engage you in the process & storage points for community CD donations! We are also showcasing a purchaseable range of our RE-CD products including homeware & gift items such as our Coaster Sets & Soap Dishes alongside furniture pieces like our Bar Stools & Side Tables.

A RE-CD Soap Dish Made by Revive Innovations at Sparks Bristol as a party of the No Small Thing Department

Within Sparks, we are part of a department curated by No Small Thing - a not-for-profit community organisation, set up to capture stories from across the construction industry and other resource-centric communities.

They have an amazing schedule lined up for the space, featuring so many exciting projects and community based organisations, they are definately one to follow! We warmly invite you to their upcoming event - No Small Thing presents - Circular Bristol (@Sparks) An opportunity to 'come together to work on live projects, building capacity and ambition, for circular economy activity within the city and wider region.'

So far at our Sparks stand, we have already collected 35kg of CDs (2100 discs) & are currently looking for a community based application for these shreds - please get in contact if you have any ideas!

Whether you are local to Bristol, or planning a visit soon, we invite you to visit sparks to donate your unwanted CDs/DVDs, view our products and even get involved in the process, by hand shredding your own discs!

Come & get involved at: 78 Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3DS.

We hope to see you soon!

Revive Team x

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