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Still Rocking CDs? Forgotten But Not Gone.

Revive Innovations will be featuring a brand new sustainable rocking chair design at Milan Design Week 2023 from the 18th - 23rd April called 'Still Rocking CDs?'.

The 'Still Rocking CDs?' rocking chair by Revive Innovations against a white background.
The 'Still Rocking CDs?' rocking chair by Revive Innovations.

Each individual chair contains over 2000 CD discs, which equates to around 2 months of music.

Why CDs?

CDs have been rendered almost completely obsolete in modern society, largely due to the emergence of streaming music services. Consequently, each year millions of discs are tossed into landfill sites and forgotten about altogether. But did you know that every CD you have ever owned is still out there and will remain there long after our lifespans?

At Revive, not only do we want to shine a light on the devastating effects of post-consumer waste but provide a solution. And that's where RE-CD comes in.

RE-CD is made 100% from recycled waste CDs. It is resin-free material and contains no binders, meaning that, at the end of its lifecycle, it can be repurposed into a new product. We aim to take the indestructible nature of the CD plastic and make it an asset rather than a threat to our eco-systems.

The Vision Behind Our 'Still Rocking CDs?' Design:

At Revive, we recognise that for many of us, CDs do not merely constitute a commodity, but have had a huge emotional impact throughout our lives and we want to pay homage to that. That’s why we recycle culture, integrating musical heritage into each step of our design process.

A side view of the 'Still Rocking CDs?' rocking chair against a white background.
The 'Still Rocking CDs?' rocking chair is made from 100% recycled CDs.

The rocking chair’s design harks back to the origins of rock 'n' roll or, more specifically, ‘rocking and rolling’, a phrase used by 17th-century sailors to describe the rhythmic back and forth movement of a ship on the sea.

Today, we understand rock ‘n’ roll as a popular musical phenomenon that emerged in the 1950s and paved the way for huge social and cultural changes that have had a resounding impact on our lives today.

An up close shot of the 'Still Rocking CDs?' rocking chair against a white background.
The 'Still Rocking CDs?' rocking chair design to be exhibited at Milan Design Week 2023.

The emergence of CDs in the 1980s constituted a reverberant turning point in the music industry, as suddenly music became portable and, therefore, began to have a more widespread role in our day-to-day lives than ever before.

The design of 'Still Rocking CDs?' showcases a beautiful circularity that intertwines the symbolic rhythmic motion with the music contained within.

A man sat on the 'Still Rocking CDs?' rocking chair against a white background.
Our founder Kieran Devlin and the 'Still Rocking CDs?' rocking chair.

About The Design Process:

As an independent start-up, we handle each element of the construction process in-house, from the design and manufacturing of the product to the collection of the waste discs.

This encompassing system allows us to ensure quality, transparency and circularity. What’s more, our products can be returned to us at the end of their lifecycle in order to be repurposed into a new product.

We also trace the total carbon footprints of our product production and publish any fabrication contributors to ensure social and environmental responsibility is upheld.

Carbon Data:

CDs Repurposed


Emissions From Travel (kgCO2e)


Emissions From Production (kgCO2e)


Total Emissions (kgCO2e)


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