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  • Kieran Devlin

The Demise of CDs – What to do with your old CDs

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

In the past thirty years we have seen the drastic rise and demise of CDs, DVDs and optical discs. After being introduced, to replace the cumbersome and impractical cassette tape, the optical disc was a global phenomenon for listening to your favourite music. However, since 2008 CD sales have declined by 10 million every year leading to the sad but very real failure of the optical disc due to the ease and popularity of streaming services.

Although CD and DVD usage is now mostly a thing of the past, the plastic based discs are still very much here to stay. With an estimated 300 BILLION discs produced worldwide and with no mainstream method of recycling them, they have become a harmful burden on landfill sites, taking over 1 million years to biodegrade. Many of you will have a large collection of CD storage containing some irreplaceable memories that you just can’t part with.

We want to help you retain the nostalgia that lies within CDs and DVDs while freeing up storage space and providing beautiful and practical pieces to your home or commercial space. By providing you with a bespoke service, we can turn your old and beloved CDs into a design that suits your space, or browse our catalog of products already in our shop. Get in touch to discuss your project ideas to transform your waste into something beautiful and practical for your home!

Sustainability and luxury is at the heart of our design and we want to help you turn your home or commercial space into a space that incorporates this. We are inspired by creating durable, sustainable and ethical solutions to suit the growing need for change towards green and eco-friendly living!

Thinking about throwing old CDs away?

Alternatively, if you are looking to dispose of your old CDs, help us protect our environment and stop harmful waste like optical discs from ending up in landfill. We offer a free collection service for any unwanted disc waste, click below to find out how you can get involved.

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