RE-CD is our solution to the global issue of recycling CDs, DVDs, games and software discs. It is a unique, sustainable composite material consisting of 100% waste discs. Per m² of 10mm solid material, we repurpose around 1000 discs, saving them from spending over a million years degrading in landfill, or being incinerated.


100% waste


Sustainably reproduced



Unique visual


RE-CD is hard-wearing, easily manufacturable and resistant to impact and temperature. 

The smooth surface can be effortlessly maintained, making interior products an ideal application. It can be easily worked on, by hand or with industrial machinery.

Physical Properties

Durable, hard wearing, high hardness and temperature resistant.


Machined using common workshop tools and processes.


Recyclable, repairable, low emissions and re-processable.


Sanded and polished to either a matt or gloss finish

RE-CD improves on most current eco materials as it contains no virgin materials or additives, such as resins or epoxies. It is a re-constitution of the original product, via our innovative processing method.

The original character, nostalgia and history of the CDs, is encapsulated into the new material. Each piece has a unique, bespoke aesthetic, with variable bright colours. It has an intriguing visual depth as a result of the light refraction caused by the metal foil, shimmering throughout the material.

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Made from 100% waste CDs, RE-CD is re-mouldable making it 100% recyclable! Our innovative reprocessing methods encompass circular design systems to ensure efficiency and enhanced sustainability. We aim to ensure the longest possible life cycle for RE-CD and re-use all manufacture off-cuts. We also offer an end of life return service for larger products!

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Bristol, UK

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Photography by

Pom Baragwanath, OH Creative Agency, Ben Mills and ourselves.

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