Is RE-CD made with resin?

No! RE-CD stands apart from other 'eco' materials by being made from 100% post consumer waste. It is purely produced using old recycled CDs, no virgin materials are added due to our signature reprocessing method.

Can I donate CDs?

Yes, you can!  Check out our 'Connect' page for more information. We offer a CD recycling program for both commercial and domestic users.

What about CD cases/papers?

Where are the products made?

We are proud Bristolians. All of the products are designed, manufactured, fabricated and materials are sourced as locally as possible.​ As a Bristol furniture shop we aim to reduce our footprint in the delivery process too, so hand delivery is also an option if you are local!

What types of disc do we use?

We recommend that you try and sell or donate old working CDs to charity shops or local organisations. However, if the CD is broken or no longer has a use then we encourage you to donate the CDs into our circular economy. 

After the 16th April, we have a collection station based at Future Leap Sustainability Hub. Here you can deposit CDs and Cases, however we ask that you separate the papers before arrival and recycle them in your council recycling collection.

Can I recycle CDs? How can I recycle CDs?

Over 300 billion CDs have been produced worldwide, creating a lasting impact on local and global environments when they are disposed of. Currently, local councils do not offer the option for domestic recycling of CDs, instructing the public to dispose of them in general waste, in turn ending up in landfill sites. On average each CD takes over 1 million years to decompose, meaning waste and landfill sites are only ever getting bigger.


We are on a mission to change the future of recycling by creating beautiful, practical, and stylish furniture and home accessories purely from repurposed and recycled materials. RE-CD is our unique and innovative material that can be crafted into many different forms and designs.

While we create and design our own furniture, home, and fashion accessories, we also invite designers and crafters alike to implement our material into their own products. We offer the option to purchase quantities of the raw material.