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  • Kieran Devlin

Still Rocking CDs? Launching our circular economy rocking chair at Milan Design Week!

Exhibiting at Milan Design Week was a captivating experience, leaving a trail of inspiration and innovation in its wake. Among the exciting designs that graced the event, our 'Still Rocking CDs' rocking chair stood out as a shining example of sustainable artistry.

RE-CD Rocking Chair on display at citta di lombardia in Milan for Isola Design district's Exhibition Circolare.
Revive Founder, Kieran Devlin explaining the sustainable rocking chair design at Milan Design Week. Photo Credit: Isola Design

Throughout the exhibition we were truly humbled by the magnetism of our 'Still Rocking CDs' rocking chair, it sparked intrigue and admiration from the moment visitors laid their eyes upon it. Crafted meticulously from over 2000 recycled CDs, it radiates a unique appeal that stretches the possibilities of recycling processes & aesthetics.

The chair's sleek curves and vibrant mosaic of colours & reflective surfaces invite you to explore the symbiotic relationship between art and sustainability. Throughout the event, the rocking chair became more than just a piece of furniture; it became a conversation starter. Visitors were captivated by the chair's transformation from discarded CDs into a functional design.

An inspiring exhibition showcasing new and exiting designs with a positive sustainable footprint.
'Circolare' Exhibition, by Isola Design at Citta Di Lombardia Milano, for Milan Design Week. Photo Credit: Isola Design

A vital secondary thought recognises the chair as a symbol of conscious consumerism and environmental responsibility. It is a reminder that sustainability can be both visually stunning and engaging to the senses, emphasizing the importance of incorporating eco-consciousness into our daily lives, even at more indulgent levels. The 'Circolare' exhibition, curated by Isola Design featured and celebrated a wide array of designs. Each design held a core focus of creating sustainable impact with responsible ingenuity. It was inspiring to see the variety of forms that this is taking across the world.

A rocker chair made with slotted groove joints from 4 panels of recycled plastic
Still Rocking CDS? A Rocking Chair crafted from over 2000 recycled CDs by Revive. Photo Credit: Isola Design

As the event came to a close, we felt a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to share our vision with the world alongside a great excitement for the future. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Isola Design & all those who helped us reach this milestone. The chair is now available to purchase on our website and we are also in the process of bringing together an official UK launch event to celebrate it in the UK. Let's keep rocking the world with creativity, innovation, and a deep commitment to our planet. Thank you for your time, Team Revive!

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