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Introducing our side tables, made from hand-welded black steel and our signature 100% recycled CD material RE-CD.


Each side table comes with a handy magazine, newspaper or record storage pouch which is made from eco cork leather. Rest your drink on old CDs and enjoy a record!


This product can be produced using each of the four colour-ways seen in the colour diagram. Each colour contains its own unique visual properties, which is determined by the artwork and music contained within.


For wholesale information please contact us via email.


Side Table

  • We sort our CDs into these four colourways.. choose the one that's perfect for your space!

    Delta Blues - Blue // Green // Yellow  // Silver

    A tropical riverside of blues and greens with flecks of bright colour, interspersed.

    Acid Jazz - Black // Charcoal // Silver // Neon // Green

    Energetic sparks of bright colour set within late night darker tones.

    Habanera - Red // Yellow // Pink // Orange // Purple // Silver

    A vibrant blend of floral timbres.

    Style hint - Order multiple tables in different colours to maximise the colour boost for your room!


    Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, each colourway will contain its own unique visual properties.





Locally Produced


Local fabricators


Hand crafted


Unique finish


Circular principles

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